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Securely store all of your critical credentials information electronically in your AASPA Vault Account. Now you will never lose or accidently destroy any of your CME or other important documents again. Your Record Vault is accessible to you 24/7 from anywhere. You can even choose to receive expiration reminder ALERTS for all of your certifications, hospital privileges re-credentialing, life support, state licensure, or anything else you need a reminder for. It’s all here and it’s part of your Membership.

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Need CME in a hurry? Get your CME IMMEDIATELY when you need them.


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Looking for a job? Search for exactly what you are looking for. AASPA Vault gives you the tools you need to know everything about being recruited and ensuring that you made a well-informed career decision. AASPA Vault walks you through the process and helps you uncover the good, the bad, and the ugly of every opportunity you are considering. We developed this guide because you, the PA, asked for it. Finally, an easy to use tool that’s on your side.


My Lectures & Articles

On the lecture circuit or published? Simply upload copies of your published articles or your PowerPoint slides into your Vault so you always know where they are and you can easily get them when you need them in your AASPA Vault Lectures & Articles archives.


AASPA Vault Resources and Research

AASPA Vault, your Personal Electronic Career Health Record Vault!
• Store & Update all credentials documents
• Certification Expiration Alerts
• Store and track CMEs
• Free CME records 24/7
• Upload your Lectures & published articles
• Search for jobs
• Access research